TechVision AS came to be one sunny spring day when the founders met up to dust off an old friendship.  After reminiscing of the good old times for a while, we came back to the idea we had been playing with for a long time; to start and build an audiovisual company! We had the experience, the competence, the connections besides working extremely well together. So what was there to stop us?” Well, as it turned out, absolutely nothing!


TechVision AS officially saw the light in early 2015, but was not the result of a quick fix. We spent a long time planning and preparing not to leave anything to chance.  We wanted to create something that could reflect what we, the founders, really stood for. That is why the first priority on our list was to put down our company values.

Moving on to 2018, 3C technology AS came along. We had been working together for a while and benefited from sharing minds and resources when we decided to team up closer. As of summer 2018, we formalized our cooperation when 3C technology came in as part owner. Our goal in joining forces (and successfully so) was to further develop TechVision as a preferred supplier of audiovisual solutions for control rooms and advanced AV system integration. Furthermore, both parties has benefited from the significant increase in available staff, in order to take on larger and more complex projects.


– Always keeping the highest ethical standard
– Always putting quality before quantity
– Always deliver on what we have promised

Between us in the TechVision team, we have decades of experience in the audiovisual industry, ranging from large scale simulator installations to complex control and monitoring environments used in everything from oil rigs to traffic monitoring. This means that our customers can trust us in being capable of delivering any requirements they might have, everything from small custom solutions to large scale complex projects.

Audiovisual excellence is providing quality audiovisual solutions, as agreed and on time...

TechVision’s ambition is to provide the highest possible quality, service and products to meet all our customer’s needs and expectations – and then some.  You can count on us to do what it takes and go the extra mile. How will we achieve this? We will do it by:

– Continuously being in the forefront of new knowledge and technology.
– Being creative and innovative.
– Allying and attracting some of the best renowned suppliers in the industry.
– Never compromise on our values!


Sounds like someone you want to work with? Then give us a holler! (…or write us an e-mail if that’s more convenient for you).


Rolf Erik Leistad, Managing Director

Engineer with extensive experience in the fields of system design, project management, installation and system service.


Jan Erik Fjerdingstad, Chairman

More than two decades of AV experience. Highly qualified engineer with extensive knowledge of system design, control system design and project management.

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